Booking information for gold packages

1. Please fill in the “Booking Inquiry” so we can process your inquiry in shortest time. Capacity defined in this step can be changed at any time before the World Final’s booking deadline. If desired type of units mentioned in the Booking Inquiry cannot be confirmed, we will offer the best possible alternative solution and assign you type of units according to availability. For any information not mentioned in Booking Inquiry, please contact us directly (e.g. accommodation for driver, extra beds, etc).

2. You can choose between the following types of packages:

  • Gold Dancer package
  • Gold School director package (discount: for a minimum of 25 Gold Dancers packages, 1 discounted Gold School Director package is approved. Only 1 Gold School Director package can be offered to a dance school /crew.)
  • Gold Coach package (Note: Gold Coach package has the same benefits as the Gold Dancer package, but the number of Gold Coach packages per school/crew is determined by the following rule:
    • 1-10 dancers = 1 coach
    • 11-20 dancers = 2 coaches
    • 21-30 dancers = 3 coaches
    • 31-40 Dancers = 4 coaches etc..
  • Gold Friends & Fans package

We offer special prices for drivers as well as discounts for children coming as family or fans.

3. After you accept the offer, you are kindly asked to make the payment of the confirmation fee amount (25% of the total amount in our offer) to our account in order to confirm your reservation. Please send the copy of the payment to our e-mail [email protected]
Any reservation for which the confirmation fee has not been paid by the expiring date will be automatically cancelled.
25% confirmation fee paid is deducted from the total amount, even if changes in reservation were made afterwards. The total amount is obtained after the Rooming List has been sent to us.
In the case of cancelling the reservation before 15th April 2018, the full amount of the confirmation fee will be refunded.

4. For making the payment of the DANCESTAR GOLD PACKAGES, please pay to:

Beneficiary: EOL Tours d.o.o.
Address: Jadranski trg 1, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Bank name: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.
Bank address: Radnicka cesta 50, 10000 ZAGREB, Croatia
IBAN: HR45 2340 0091 1108 2130 3
Charges option: OUR

Payments shall be considered valid only when received on Eol Tours’ bank account. In case the reservation is not paid on time and in full, Eol Tours Ltd reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any notice.

5. Please send us the updated booking condition within 3 days after the Qualifier in your country has finished. After sending us the updated booking condition, you will receive the Rooming List in the Excel format that needs to be filled in and returned to us latest in 7 days.
Changes in Rooming List are not possible without sending us a written request. Any requested changes need to be confirmed by Eol Tours. Adding capacities, adding persons or similar on your own is not allowed.

6. Changes concerning a decrease in the number of participants (up to 5 persons) are allowed in the period outside the cancellation policy. After 30th April 2018 no more changes are allowed and the reservation needs to be paid in total. Please send a copy of the payment on our e-mail address.

7. After receiving payment in full, we will send you the Voucher for agreed services. Please print out the Voucher in 2 copies: one needs to be shown at the check-in of the hotel’s reception while the second copy needs to be shown at the check-in of the DanceStar World Finals (Intersport Hall) where you will receive the number of wristbands based on your Voucher and paid Starting Fees. Wristbands can be collected by an authorized person named in the Rooming List. Wristbands belonging to a dance school /crew have to be collected at once and the authorized person needs to sign a Statement for wristband’s receipt.

8. Please have in mind that the number of dancers packages (Gold and Silver) submitted to us must be in line with the number of dancers registered in the DanceStar Registration Portal for participation at World Finals.

EOL TOURS reserves the right of changing conditions and prices.